Support Services

Depending on the nature and urgency of the problem, we can provide telephone, dial-in and on-site support. In many cases our consultants will resolve a problem using a combination of telephone and dial-in support, which is obviously faster and more cost-effective than making a site-visit, however, many problems are either too complex for resolving via remote support, or perhaps it will be less disruptive for our customer if we attend site.

Software Services

Our consultants are experienced in installing and configuring most of the software you are likely to find in small to medium sized enterprises, from server software, email and messaging systems, backup systems and Anti virus, to Firewalls and Spam filters etc..

Remote and Teleworking

Setting up secure remote access to allow key business people to access business data from home.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Designing and implementing the most cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients needs to ensure business continuity under any circumstances